The dust has settled… Cyber Illusion Spectacular 2017

April 12, 2017

The cast is home, the freight is back and all of our loose ends have been neatly packed away. Our 3 month show, Cyber Illusion Spectacular is finished and we don’t want to say goodbye so let’s just say, until next time!

It is not often we get to stop and think about the mammoth task we have just undertaken over the last 9 months. This time though, we are allowing ourselves a moment to revel in the production that we spent so much of our lives creating over this past year.

Cyber Illusion Spectacular Production Shot - The dust has settled... Cyber Illusion Spectacular 2017

To the average person, watching a stage production is 1 hour of feeling and saying; “oh wow, that was great!” (hopefully) and then that’s it. Our blood sweat and tears for the last 250 days to get the show to this point comes down to bums on seats and a positive reaction from an audience that is probably already exhausted from a day of adventure in a theme park or sight seeing the local attractions. To us though, their reactions are everything.

From choosing the concept of the show, to deciding on feature acts, from the budgets to the script work, to the lighting designer, graphics team and the special effects supplier. From the costuming to choosing the dance cast, to finally ensuring our end client is most importantly, happy, every pain staking decision was evaluated, measured and tested. We agonised over the small things like the segue for Soul Mystique to the music in the finale. Once the whole show was conceptualised… then came the logistics. Let’s just send a stage production and a cast to Hong Kong for 3 months, they said… It will be fun, they said!

Well, it was fun but for those looking in please know that it was NOT easy! There was a tender process for this show and many rules, regs and hoops we needed to jump through in order to secure the project before we even got the chance to be creative. It’s this challenge that deters most productions houses but we revel in it!! The challenge is set and we work at making it a success.Cyber Illusion Spectacular Production Shot 2 - The dust has settled... Cyber Illusion Spectacular 2017

All of the team in the office are ex-performers and when we were younger and still actively performing we used to worry about things in the pre-production stage of our shows like the elastic on our skull cap being a little chokey, it was the end of the world to us! How can I perform and swallow under duress!!??

When you have your role as a performer we are focused on doing the best we can in that designated position, never did we realise what a small piece in the gigantic puzzle we were. Why doesn’t the producer and Stage Manager care about the irritated skin on my neck or my inability to swallow comfortably!!?? Someone show me my contract!!

Now, being on the other side of the production, yes we can appreciate the ill-fitting costumes and the long pre-production days. We want our performers to know how we value their hard work and how they bring our shows to life. But, there is the juggle now of understanding how our performers feel and their need to be nurtured to ensuring the show actually goes on when there is an oil leak on the stage from a faulty smoke machine and the enormous monetary penalties from a no show is looming over your head.

In all of our body of works the artists are the internal organs of the show, without them we are lifeless, our shows would not be what they are without them. We adore them and hope to hell that we have been there for them in times of irritated skin and tired legs from long rehearsal days.

For now though, we are now gearing up for the next production and cannot wait to see what challenges it brings and triumphs it creates!!!

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