April 13, 2016



Zircus brings to the stage a powerful and charismatic cast of international circus performers in a live variety spectacular.

Zircus is a roller coaster ride of entertainment that will exhilarate audiences of all ages. A cascade of colourful acrobatic characters, circus artists and never-seen-before human performance acts artfully blended into a highly produced show that is quirky and crazy, yet extravagant.

Zircus is a must see show and can only be described as a rush of adrenalin filled entertainment!

Ringmaster ‘Z’ – the eccentric maestro of the bizarre leads the audience through a ride of spectacular variety acts that feature none other than our hand chosen international stars.

Audience members can expect to be swept away by the energy and excitement, and be thrilled for the entire 90 minute show. Alongside the extraordinary acrobatics performers Zircus packs in a full array of experiences to enjoy – from comedy, lavish dancers to vocalists and musical numbers… with never a dull moment to spare!

The internationally acclaimed acts of Zircus are truly bizarre to beautiful… an elite collaboration of circus stars, musical and dance performances.

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