Sword Swallower

May 26, 2015


Performer is one of the world’s most extreme sword swallowers and performer of fair and sideshow stunts.

He is known as “The pain proof wonder”, “The man with the iron stomach”, and “One of the world’s most bizarre human curiosities”.

He never fails to thrill, shock and amaze his audiences. Swallowing multiple swords, table legs and balloons that can be heard to pop through his neck, via a large needle and a microphone, this is just the beginning to his incredible skills.

Remarkably he also swallows a 72 cm sword blade all the way to the hilt, and glass neon tubes that are powered by 2000volts of electricity they shine so brightly that you can see them glow red through his skin from the inside and these are still just the entree, in the smorgasbord of oddities that this amazing artist performs.