Side Show Alley

May 26, 2015


A private collection is now Australia’s only travelling ‘Freak Animal Exhibit’.

A tent decorated with a stunningly detailed sideshow banner line and eye catching carnival lights complete with ticket box and spruiking platforms and run by dynamic performers, including some of Australia’s smallest entertainers, dressed in vintage safari suits boldly informing/ warning the public of what they are about to see/ show times and creating an impressive facade.

The outside spectacle is a show in itself. Inspired by the old time freak shows, medical museums and fine art galleries, this tastefully presented and bizarre exhibit of genuine mistakes of nature is like no other.

The Mutant Barnyard is Australia’s largest collection of authentic freak animals, including Daisy & Maisy the world famous two headed calf, Dido the double bodied duckling, a Siamese twin piglet with four ears sharing a face, shrunken heads and much, much more.

The animals are professionally preserved medical specimens and historic items from old Freak shows.

The examples are taxidermies, in jars and skeletons.

The Mutant Barnyard
‘The Mutant Barnyard’ is designed as a travelling sideshow museum with guided tours of 10 to 15 minutes to show and explain this curious collection.

People will be talking about this educational and eye-popping carnival of wonders for years to come.

Indulge your curiosity and come face to face with the beautiful, the grotesque and the unimaginable.

Freakshow Performer
Our ‘Side Show Alley’ star is the godfather of Australian Sideshow.

As a founding member of The Happy Sideshow he is responsible for establishing and popularising sideshow as a genre in this country. He has spent has spent the last 20 years travelling the globe spreading the gospel of Sideshow.

He has performed his original Sideshow stunts in 26 countries, in stadiums in front of 20,000 people and in tiny tents for ten people at a time. He has made Sideshow mainstream, he has starred in four separate shows at The Sydney Opera House, graced the stage of the National Theatre in London and made numerous TV appearances.

His stunts are designed to shock and amaze, but they are done with such poise, wit and slick professionalism they become almost inspirational.