Claudia Valitutti – Aerial & Circus

July 6, 2016
Claudia Valitutti

Claudia began her ballet training at the tender age of 4. She moved into the world of circus performance at 12, performing manipulation and adagio skills with the Aerial Angels Academy, one of Australia’s leading circus schools.

Claudia’s ballet and aerial skills do not stop there, she is also a refined singer hoping to release her first album next year.

In 2011 Claudia joined the Aerial Angels  Australian aerial performance troupe. She has since performed at numerous festivals and corporate functions throughout Australia.

She has most recently performed in the International stage show, Lumi Air at Jupiter’s hotel & Casino, the Great Moscow Circus and Aqua Voyage (Ocean Park Hong Kong).

Claudia specialises in aerials, including Static Trapeze, Aerial Lyra and Aerial Silk.