Aerial Perch

May 26, 2015


Are you looking for the next big thing for your event? Look no further!

The Aerial Perch, another unique creation from Aerial Angels; The Perches are an affordable option from our series of aerial Champagne pouring acts, creating unique and memorable experience for your guests.

The stunning Aerial Perch is a delightful additional to any event. It is very versatile, as it can be the feature in the middle of a cocktail party or the elegant pre dinner drink entertainment.

The Perches can also be used to theme your event with models in spectacular long themed gowns placed throughout the room.

Give your guests something they have never seen before and put your event or brand on the map!

This act can run up to 1 hour with two perches running at the same time, perfect for pre-dinner drinks or cocktail functions. If a longer duration is required, this can be achieved, please contact our office for a customised package.

Our hostess’ perform 3 x 15 minute sets on the Aerial Perches, they are aided by a gorgeous promotional model who assists by handing champagne bottles and encouraging guests to partake.

The aerialists will climb down her silk every 15 minutes to break for only 5 minutes. She will ensure continuous service by serving drinks from the ground until she climbs back to her Perch. If two Perches are booked the performers will break at separate time ensuring a performer is always in the air. One assistant is all that is required for one or two perches.

All performers/assistants have current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificates.

Venue/Client must provide all alcohol & glassware preset on a table next to the apparatus.