Pro Course Graduation

November 13, 2015

Graduates of the 2015 Pro Course performed in an incredible show ‘STAND OUT’ this week!

The graduates of our Pro Course put on mind blowing performances at the Gold Coast Arts Centre on Thursday night!! Ikin Dance also had the Full Time Graduates of 2015 dance up a storm on stage!

Our aerialist featured in 6 main performances. Christine Ibraham wowed the Audience as opening number of the night with her amazing Vocal Lyra number.

Our second act was the Windows featuring Darcie Boatswain and Tara Biddulph who put on a extraordinary performance.

Next was Sarah Jane Morgan and Liv Desira who put on a breath taking performance on the Silks. Christine Inrahim then returned to the stage with Lara Milligan to showcase a Synchronised Lyra act which was just magic to watch! To throw some light and fun into the night, Bridgette Murphy and Julia Burey put on a show stopping number on the double trapeze. Our final number for the night was the Triple Trapeze featuring Charley Hiller, Victoria Deeley and Sarah Bass.

This triple act was another phenomenal performance where the girls shined so bright on the stage.

Well done to all our 2015 Graduates! What an incredible evening! We look forward to seeing what our 2016 Pro Course brings.

Contact us at Aerial Angels Academy now if you are interested in our course for 2016!