Cirque Show Entertainment in Foshan, China

July 17, 2015

Another event has taken place in China for the launch of a new estate in the province of Foshan, China.

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One of our most popular short stage shows called, “Cirque Fusion” was sent over with 12 cast members. Cirque Fusion is fantasy realm show where cheeky characters, dazzling aerial artists and amazing acrobats present a Cirque sensation on centre stage, it is a spectacular high energy production with a colourful flair. We love this show as it has a solid base of performers and we are able to tweak the theming to suit our individual clients needs.

This particular client asked for the Fantasy & Tribal versions of the show which we were able to create with the same acts but just needed to tweak costuming, music and sets to make the shows work.

Opening with our five stunning professional dancers into our Triple Trapeze aerialist routine that takes your breath away the audience is automatically captivated. Our main feature acts for this event was firstly our Hand Balance artist, Danik and our Ground Adagio Duo act from Poland, Jacek & Pawel. The fast paced finale to the show was a Dual Silk routine performed by our core aerialists.

The team were remarkable performing the show 3 times in one day at an outdoor event in 34 degree heat… Not for the faint hearted!! The cast travelled into China the night before the shows and were on their way home the day after, a quick and brief trip with a whole lot packed into it!!

We thank our amazing team of Aerial, Dance, Hand Balance & Ground Adagio performers for their efforts once again!!

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