TIMETABLE TERM 4      2021

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2021 aerial circus classes scaled - Timetable

2021 acrobatics ground classes scaled - Timetable

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*Please note: Age groups are a guide only and all students will be assessed in their first class. We aim to place students in the class that suits them for their age, social development and skill. Acro & Tumble classes are categorised by skill level rather than age.

Junior/Tween/Teen Aerial Classes:

Ballet in the Air! One of the most beautiful and popular circus disciplines. Aerial classes include a selection of Aerial skills including Lyras, Trapeze, Silks and more. Strength and flexibility training is also included. Classes are graded from Levels 1 through to Level 3. All new students enter in the Aerial Basic Class and are then regularly assessed and moved up to the next level when ready.Class Web 1 AERIAL - Timetable

Acrobatics and Tumbling:

 Everything on the ground! Backflips, somersaults, cartwheels and more! Acro & Tumble classes are taught by the best of the best at Aerial Angels. From beginners to advanced, all skills are included starting with basics. Great for strength and coordination in the growing body.Class Web 2 ACRO - Timetable

Hand Balance:

An exciting new class that focuses all on handstands. For any level, work on improving your technique, holds and positions. Take handstands to new heights with hand balance canes, and learn core foundations that can be taken across to different acrobatic areas.

Strength & Conditioning:

A disciplined class to lengthen and tone muscles and improve posture, flexibility, strength & control.


A specialty class that takes flexibility to a performance level. Working individually with students to increase their personal strengths, stabilising the core and combining movement. Previous experience required.


A little bit of everything! Trapeze, acrobatics, tumbling, hula hoops, tightrope walking, juggling, climbing, jumping and much more. All the fun of the Circus. Great for kids with lots of energy and who love variety.Class Web 2 Circus - Timetable

Pre-Prep Circus and Dance:

Focuses on exploring creative movement in a playful atmosphere. Great for developing coordination and confidence. Classes include fun circus games, obstacle courses, jumping, climbing, dance, music, and costumes.

Class Web 2 Circus 2 - Timetable

Invitation Only:

Aerial Students who have reached a high level of skill may be invited to our advanced levels. These classes provide students with additional training time and access to premium level teachers. Includes Advanced Aerial, Junior Elite, Senior Elite & Pro Course.


Increase flexibility, core strength, improving grace, the fluidity of body & body line. Strict Ballet but with an emphasis on enhancing Aerial movements.

Private Lessons:

Fast track development with one on one training from our coaches. By appointment only.


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