• FAQs

    Who are the teachers? The teachers are the professional Aerial Angels Team and have a minimum of 5 years in training. They perform all over the world. They teach at the academy in between their shows and contracts. You can learn more about the teachers on our website – www.aerialangels.com.au

    Who are the assistants? The assistants are the students from our Elite classes with a minimum of 2 years training. They are a dedicated team who have shown the skills for future teaching.

    When can my child move up a level? The teaching of Aerial and the Level program was designed by the founder of Aerial Angels, Miss Susan Porrett. Our students are assessed by their teachers on a weekly basis and once the child has completed the learning of the skills given in a safe and capable manner, they will be moved into the next class.

    Elite/Advanced Classes. Elite teams have only a maximum of 10 students per class and consist of students who have excelled in all areas of Aerial training. The class is invitation only.

    Why do the children sit down in class? This question would be our most frequently asked in the level classes. There is a good amount of ‘sit, watch & listen’ time especially in Aerial Basics, Level 1 & 2. To be able to teach the art of Aerial, the teacher needs to talk with the students in great detail about their skills. The student also must visualise it by watching their teacher or fellow students. This is to assist in the early stages of aerial awareness. In simple terms, this is how we teach the student to know where they are when they are upside down.

    Can my child have a private class? The answer is yes! You can organise this at reception or via phone/email. The private class is a one-on-one with one of our specialised teachers. We estimate the 1-hour private is equivalent to 3 weeks of training for your child. An absolute must if your child is developing insecurities with tricks OR if you want your child to move up levels faster.

    Adult classes? Aerial Acrobatics is not just for children, it’s for Adults too! Aerial training develops the core muscles like nothing else, think Pilates in the air but with a lot more fun! You can find our Adult timetable on our website www.aerialangels.com.au

    Is there an Academy yearly show for my child to participate in? Yes, there is!! Every year in June/July, we put on a lavish production called “SPECTACULAR” at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. However, the students that participate in this are Level 3, Advanced, Performance and Elite teams. This is simply due to the aerial awareness and safety that the students must be at before performing on a stage in front of a crowd. For all classes – Parents and family members are welcome at the end of term to come into the room and enjoy a showcase of their child’s progress. Please see reception for more details on your class showcase and our Spectacular dates.

    How to stay in contact? The best way to keep up to date with our shows, imagery and hot gossip is to become a Facebook and Instagram fan as we do all our promotions in this forum. For Cirque Central – ‘Aerial Angels Academy’, for the professional performances – ‘Aerial Angels Australia’. Instagram – @aerialangelscirquecentral

    Is it fun? Our policy is ‘Fun and Fitness’ so all classes have elements of fun and games. Whatever the age group, we keep the laughs rolling in!

    Can I get my own equipment? Aerial Angels designs and manufactures all kinds of rated aerial equipment. Enquires for this can be made at reception OR admin@aerialangels.com.au

    Is there any membership fees? Yes, yearly membership is charged to all members (one per family) at the commencement of enrolment/re-enrolment.

  • How are class fees paid? All term fees must be paid in full or an Ezidebit Direct Debit Plan in place at the commencement of the term/enrolment.
  • Do you offer make-up classes? Yes. With prior notice, students are able to schedule up to 3 make up classes per term. This is subject to availability.