July 3, 2015

We want to throw one of our most successful and sort after acts ever created into the spotlight this week;

The Aerial Perch” is… An aerial hostess perched high in the air, on an elegant custom made aerial chair, who then swings down to pour Champagne for her adoring guests below her.

Aerial Perch - "Aerial Perch" Champagne Service In the Spotlight

A new way to engage your audience and strengthen brand experience through an interactive Champagne service, the Aerial Perch is a must at your next corporate entertainment Brisbane  & Australia wide event. 

The perfect ingredient to create a celebratory atmosphere and for the seasoned event goer who thinks they have “seen it all”. 

Our Aerial Perch is our alternative option to our Aerial Parlour which is our original and much larger Aerial Champagne Service Option.

This service can run for up to 1 hour with up to four perches running at the same time, perfect for pre-dinner drinks or cocktail functions.  Longer durations can also be achieved, please contact our office for a customised package.Aerial Perch Eye Candy Only copy - "Aerial Perch" Champagne Service In the Spotlight

Our hostess’ perform 3 x 15 minute sets within the hour on the Aerial Perches, they are aided by a gorgeous promotional model dressed in formal attire or themed costuming who assists by handing champagne bottles and encouraging guests to partake. We have up to 4 Perches available for hire.

The aerialists will climb down her silk every 15 minutes to break for 5 minutes whilst still ensuring continuous drinks service.

There are two ways to host the Aerial Perch in your venue ensuring it can be utilised at all events:

Option 1: Rigged from a point

This is the quickest & easiest option.  We require a rated point which can hold a minimum of 500kg’s.  Ceiling height must be at least 6m.  We also require the use of a an elevated work platform if access to the ceiling is otherwise not possible. 

Option 2:  Free Standing rig

If your venue does not have the points to host the apparatus, we can provide a free-standing rig. The truss provided can be dressed in satin sheaths to suit your event or company colours for an added fee.


Please contact the office if you would like to hear more about the fabulously unique, “Aerial Perch”.

Aerial Perch 2 - "Aerial Perch" Champagne Service In the Spotlight

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June 17, 2015

One of our favourite clients, Dreamworld has been good enough to invite us along this weekend to partake in the “Gold Coast 2015 Business Exchange Post Famil” It will be a fabulous night and once again we get to show case our new range of acts, “Candy Treats”.

We have chosen to showcase our Candy inspired roving acts amongst others as it suits Dreamworld’s new candy store dining room, “Fudge & Nuts” perfectly! We love that we can suit entertainment so perfectly to such fabulously inspired venues. The brief is Willy Wonka, colourful and fun… We are sure our performers will outdo themselves again!

Low Res RixRyan 4137 - Dreamworld hires 'Candy Treats'On arrival to these types of corporate entertainment Brisbane, Gold Coast & Australia wide events, guests can be greeted by, “the Candy Man” as well as the fun and colourful “Roller Candy” and “Candy Tray” girls. A pop of colour, movement and fun as soon as guests arrive.

The Candy Man entertains guests with his quirky nature and colourful costuming and tricks. He is an accomplished Emcee and actor with oodles of experience. The makeup alone, done by our amazing resident artist, Julz is a feature in its own right!

All of our acts can be suited to this theme including aerial and stage feature acts. Our “Candy Roller girl” and her giant over sized props are a fabulous addition to these types of events. Our clients can choose from the oversized popcorn, fairy floss or lollypop. All custom made and one of a kind! These giant hand held props provide great photo opportunities.

Stay tuned for more candy style images coming soon!

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